SWAT and Negotiation Units

The purpose and goal of the Millcreek Township Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) is to bring successful and safe resolutions to crisis situations through the deployment of highly trained and well equipped personnel.
Activation of the MPD SWAT team can occur for various reasons; to include the following:
  • Barricaded and Armed Suspect
  • Suicidal or otherwise Dangerous Suspects
  • Hostage Situations
  • High Risk Apprehension
  • High Risk Search Warrant
  • Executive Protection
  • Assisting other agencies in above

The Millcreek Police Department SWAT Team began in the early 1970ís as a five man unit. Today, the team has grown to thirteen (13) members, to include two (2) sharpshooters and a medic.
Recently, the SWAT team partnered with the Millcreek Paramedic Service (MPS) for the purpose of adding a Tactical Emergency Medical Service (EMS) element to the team. This resulted in two more medics being added to the roster.

Members of the Police Department who are chosen to join the SWAT team perform their SWAT duties in addition to their regular duty assignments. Team members train on a monthly basis, concentrating on firearms and call-out scenario exercises.

The SWAT team trains twice yearly with the Millcreek Police Crisis Negotiator Team, which is commanded by Lieutenant Michael Dougan and they also participate in joint training exercises with the City of Erie Police Department SWAT Team

Since the mid 1970ís the SWAT team has been commanded by seven (7) different officers. The following is a chronological listing of SWAT team commanders starting with the first SWAT commander (Merrill Dever) up to the current commander (Donald Kucenski):

  • Merrill Dever (retired)
  • William Storten (retired)
  • James Canfield (retired )
  • Richard Havern (retired)
  • Christopher Lucas (active Lieutenant)
  • Michael Tesore (active Chief)
  • Donald Kucenski (active Seargent and current commander)